Oct 17 , 2018

Today 20 September 2018 Google updated its google chrome browser 

Browser Has Many New Features Same Like Mozilla FireFox Some are listed Below:

  • Tabbed Updated But Same as Mozilla Firefox
  • Added New Profile Image on Toolbar
  • New Page Looks Updated 
  • security Updated 
  • many more Features

Google has released Chrome OS 69, which packs an array of new features.

A noticeable addition is the Material Theme design which was recently introduced to the Chrome browser.

Linux support has also been brought into the stable channel, which will let users run Linux apps on supported devices.

This build further contains a number of bug fixes and security updates, and systems will receive updates in the coming days.

The full list of new features is below:

  • Files app UI refresh with new support for accessing Play files.
  • Native support for Team Drives in Files app.
  • Save Play app files directly to Files app via the share sheet.
  • Run Linux apps on supported devices.
  • Dictation into any text field, a new feature in accessibility settings.
  • Power state alerts for Kiosk apps.
  • Global text-to-speech settings.
  • Night Light.
  • Fast Access to Emojis.
  • OOBE visual improvements.
  • Swipe to close apps in Overview.
  • Tablet mode behavior unification.
  • Video capture service.
  • L1TF and Foreshadow Vulnerabilities security fix.