HUAWEI’s P20 Pro was launched in March 27 2018. Huawei P series is always the most pioneer of the smartphones photography. Now the HUAWEI P20 Pro is again the most leading revolutionary Leica Triple Camera, which provides you the advanced camera system that shines a light on amazing photography.

Now this time HUAWEI P20 Pro is huge change in the camera where they setup triple lens on its back camera.



Huawei P20

Now this time with the help of Master AI (Artificial Intelligence) HUAWEI P20 PRO is able to identify the real time 19 different categories which allows automatic adjustment by AI so that your photo is the absolute best it can be.

Battery Life For Huawei P20 Pro

huawei p20 pro

The HUAWEI P20 PRO which has the most powerful battery that charges safely and swiftly, it keeps the power for much more longer than any other mobiles. With HUAWEI SuperCharge* the mightly 4,000 mAH** battery which can charge so fast at very speed and maximum convenience.


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Let’s Talk About the Good ( Advantages ) and Bad ( Disadvantages ) that can help you more about this smart phone . So Some People Does Not Know About These Two Features. Here We Are Showing You About This Smart Phone Of Good And Bad Features , Lets Start Now.

 Good Features (Pros)

  • The Fantastic Tri Camera
  • Plenty of the Storage & RAM
  • The Fabulous Design
  • EMUI Interface Has Come So Long Way
  • Fast Charging & Good Battery Life

 Bad Features (Cons)

  • No 3.5mm Headphones Jack
  • There are faster phones
  • No Wireless Charging
  • In Pakistan Rs/ 94,999
  • In India Rs/ 64,999
  • In Dubai Rs/ 2,999
  • In USA Rs/ 850.00
  • In China Rs/ 4,088
Our Final Opinion
HUAWEI P20 Pro is the Chinese Company manufacturer which actually brings much anticipated new amazing features to the table – a tri camera – but that is not the handset’s only but they enhanced the top line processor, which is 7GB or RAM, 128GB of Internal storage to boot the sizeable battery.


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